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Hammond XK-5

Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Hammond
  • Modèle : XK-5
  • Catégorie : Orgue
  • Fiche créée le : 06/04/2016
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  • 4 complete sets of Harmonic Drawbars, plus pedal drawbars:
    • Just like a classic B-3


  • 12 additional virtual tonewheels dedicated to harmonically complex pedal tones:
    • In addition to the 8' and 16' sine waves found on Hammonds starting in 1945


  • Custom tonewheel profiles are available for download
  • Hammond's premium digital Leslie effect:
    • This is no ordinary "rotary simulator"


  • Continuously variable Digital Leslie speed
  • Dedicated Octave Shift and Transpose buttons
  • DSP-based overdrive assisted by a vacuum tube preamp
  • Optimized vibrato/chorus
  • Dedicated on/off buttons and amount knobs for Reverb, Overdrive, and assignable Multi-FX
  • Lower B drawbars may alternatively control 9 MIDI CC messages for external gear
  • Left and right 1/4" outputs may be used concurrently with Leslie output:
    • Run the XK-5 through a real Leslie in parallel with monitors, sub, or house PA


  • Manual Bass function: key-triggering modes for pedal-to-lower coupler
  • Updatable firmware via USB flash drive or directly from your computer
  • Crisp OLED display is readable under variable lighting conditions
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