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Nouvelles versions. ! - forum Cockos Reaper 1

Version 1.851 du 05/05/2007 ... il travaille même le samedi !
Version 1.852 du 07/05/2007 ...
Version 1.853 du 8 Mai 2007 :

-updated track panel custom color tinting
-larger selection/bpm fields in transport
-record track output (mono) mode mixes down channels (rather than recording left)
-enter on text fields in transport scroll back to start
-midi editor: improved moving of midi CC events with notes
-midi overdub/replace recording modes filter active sensing, midi clock, etc
Version 1.854 du 10 Mai 2007 :

-dx support for mono plug-ins (i.e. antares mic modeler)
-midi hardware: better handling of changing hardware states across instances
-midi hardware: device name aliasing
-fixes to/better shaping midi CC actions for metronome volume control, track volume controls
-increased max MIDI assignable tracks to 99
-MIDI CC actions to scroll, zoom view
-MIDI CC actions to move edit cursor, select current track
-when a midi CC is assigned in relative mode to a non-continuous action, a value of 0 will not trigger the action
-Added prefs/general/advanced for doing some experimental tweaks (including UI scaling)
-faders can now support any size thumb bitmap (useful with scaled UI mode)
-icon buttons will now use larger icons if UI scaling is set
-Project directory cleanup detects path not found and notifies user
-updated LOSER's JS fx
Version 1.855 du 11 Mai 2007 :

-option to close control surfaces when stopped and inactive (for sharing)
-deferred opening of hardware/media for 200ms when activating for better hardware compatibility
-option to have single-FX window mode follow selected track
-learn in fx dialog shows last tweaked fx at top
-fixed bigclock remembering mode
-tweaked focus on track routing dialog combo boxes
-reaninjam: small glitch psuedofixes for session mode when different samplerates are used
-bonus: tweaked new fx autoopen option to not show when current fx window is not visible

Justin (le développeur) semble se préoccuper du Midi comme le montre les dernières améliorations sur le Midi CC, l'automation, les plug-ins, etc... :bravo:
Y dort jamais le Justin, mais si c'est pour notre satisfaction :bravo:
Hello je decouvre tout juste ce soft (marre des softs cracké qui plantent tout le temps )
une version beta pour mac os x .4 est arrivée :bave:

REAPER v1.857 - May 14 2007

    * forced ripple editing of tempo envelope when "attach envelopes to items" is off and ripple editing is set to "all"
    * "insert empty space in selection" uses beats if project/view mode is set to beats
    * fixed CD burning after rendering
    * fx parameter envelope toggling fixes
    * option to arm fx parameter envelope from midi learn dialog
    * actions to set track record mode, monitoring, etc
    * better track templates menu (subdirectories)
    * added ix/schwa midi/channel JS fx
REAPER v1.858 - May 21 2007

-fixed allnoteoff sending on start of playback
-dont move edit cursor on shift/ctrl+click item is now on by default (for new installs)
-fix to fader bitmap loading when images not found
-fix for accidental drag and drops in media explorer
-added midi cc events for last touched track vol/pan/mute/solo/recarm,
-added action to set selection to last touched track (for other actions)
-upped max actions per macro to 6
-reaper.exe now uses msvcrt (30kb installer shrinkage)

REAPER v1.859 - May 23 2007

-fixed inserting midi as file when import is set to import as midi event
-MIDI editor mute events action (alt+M)
-hotkeys to switch midi editor mode between piano, named notes, and new list view
-MIDI editor preliminary event list view (alt+3 to activate)
-fixed virtual midi keyboard appearing in record inputs
-fixed bug where quickly switching to reaper + starting playback wouldsometimes leave media offline
-fixed "Insert Media" dialog with cancel memory leak

Un éditeur d'évènement MIDI a été ajouté :bravo:

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